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6 months

App with connection to the
most common POS systems

The innovative
delivery system
for Pharmacies.

Product Development & Appdesign

More and more pharmacies are closing down, larger and larger areas need to be covered for those who are still there. Especially in rural areas, delivery service is therefore essential. In order to make it as uncomplicated, time-saving and intelligent as possible, we have developed "apomap". So that there is enough time for consultation again. Approach: short presentation, followed by a 2-day workshop on product development together with pharmacists

apomap UX UI design
apomap UX UI design
apomap UX UI design

Recognizing the real problem through workshops

Save time and resources with the intelligent all-in-one solution for pharmacies.

"apomap is exactly THE innovative product that every pharmacy needs!"

Jürgen Schäfer, Pharmacist

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