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2 months

Website with integrated rental system, 
Partnership and integration of "Komoot" and "booqable

Easy Rental -
for customers and shop owners

Concept & Webdesign

"I need a rental system that i can operate myself In day-to-day business" was the request of our customer. Next to his bike shop, the bike rental should be pushed and should be designed in a user-friendly way so that end consumer and rental owner can handle it easily. Besides research and advice on the best program, its integration on the website and a training for the maintenance of the system, we designed a strategically sensible, target group oriented and innovative website in a new look.

Procedure: Consultations with the rental company owner,
afterwards concept presentation and implementation

Innovative and easy to use, for customers and shop managers.

booqable logo

Booqable integration

komoot logo green

Connection to Komoot

komoot integration UX UI Design DIVE INN

The perfect
symbiosis of
Consulting and user-
oriented design

"I've never rented so many bikes before. The customers love this site. And so do I!"

Philipp Richter, owner ProBiker Winterberg

Pro Biker Bike Rental Philipp Richter

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