What you see,
is what we love.

As a customer, you want to see results. That's right, we want that too. But only if they become experiences. That's what we work towards, that's what we give everything for. Heart and mind in the development of new ideas, an intoxicating communication design, the professional implementation of integrated campaigns, branded entertainment and everything else you can imagine or what seems unimaginable. Because experiences bring you as a customer more customers.

We make
simply simpler

We develop
"from scratch"

design Thinking hand to work workshop

We think
further than just "website"

Pro Biker Winterberg DIVE INN Webdesign

For a workshop in the country

Wild meadows instead of concrete blocks

We bring you and your team to the beautiful Hochsauerland, where you will not only clear your head at almost 700m, but also fill it with new innovative ideas during a workshop.
Work creatively where others go on holiday!


Illustration heart DIVE INN The innovation agency


We love our customers. And our customers love us. A perfect symbiosis. 

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Tough, honest and transparent.


We're fast.

What takes others 6 months, we can do in a few weeks. Don't you believe us? Try it!

We are reliable.

A promise is a promise. If we make a move, it'll work out. Like I said, a promise.

We're honest.

We don't butter our mouths with honey, and even if it's hard sometimes, we're hard-core honest. 

We are (damn) good

Quality over quantity is the motto, we are not assembly line workers - we want to create great things. 

We are simply

Who needs junk and knick-knacks. We don't offer you anything unnecessary, you only get what you really need.

We are innovative

Standing still is a step backwards, we are constantly educating ourselves and have the claim to be always up to date.


Something missing in your opinion? Write to us hey@dive-inn.rocks

What we work with

Challenge accepted!

Start your project with us now. no matter what it's about, we are happy - even if it gets tricky. We rock it!

Philipp Schäfer DIVE INN Team