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Be faster and smarter with workshops

Good planning and preparation pays off, so we recommend that you attend one of our workshops at the beginning of a project, no matter how big or complex.

In just 2 hours of intensive exchange alone, we get to know each other better, as well as our work and project procedures. With our proven workshop tools, we find out together with you and your team where the shoe pinches and collect ideas for possible solutions. For a better understanding of the project on both sides, we analyse together, bring our many years of expertise in topics such as user journey, user experience and design into play. The way to the solution and how it is designed is the most important thing to be satisfied with the end result. Fast, uncomplicated, efficient and always with a good portion of fun.


Suitable for all companies and start-ups that want to quickly define problems, find creative solutions and give the whole team a motivational push.

2 intensive hours

Included: Prepared workshop results and next steps in the DIVE INN report


Suitable for all those who want to redefine their brand, reach new target groups, realise large projects or improve their product in a user-oriented way.

8 hours, including breaks

Included: Prepared workshop results and next steps in the DIVE INN report

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Our DIVE INN Smart Presentations

knowledge that stays in your head - expert knowledge meets comprehensibility. in our 40-minute presentation we offer you and your company compressed knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere, whether during lunch break or in between. uncomplicated and easy to understand xxxx by our experts who deal with these topics every day. you have questions? feel free to ask them afterwards and they will be solved and discussed live.

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