Why a workshop is always the best solution:

Defining the common goal

At the beginning, all project participants have a different idea of the goal of the project or how the final product should look like in the end? nobody is sure about costs, project duration and effort? therefore, we see it as essential to define a strategy and a clear goal together with all participants when dealing with extensive projects or ideas to be implemented. 

An independent perspective helps

Here you can benefit from our many years of experience and our mindset: 
We, as outsiders, can independently and critically examine your project/product and also analyse the market environment in advance, for example, so that you benefit from our know-how and our objective view.

Creating the basis for everything else

Together we will lay the foundation for the success of your project. After each workshop, we provide you with all the results in a comprehensive report. This can be used as a basis for a result-oriented and efficient follow-up.

In short: lower costs, faster to the goal, more motivation!

In short:
Less cost.
Faster to your destination.
More motivation!

Workshops successfully conducted with:

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Smart Innovation Sprint - 2 hours

"I want to define problems
and quickly solve"

A workshop with which you can creatively solve EVERY problem. Short & crisp, not specific to any industry and suitable for any size of company! Built according to the proven workshop principle of Google.

  • healthy brainfood
  • Preparation & follow-up of the workshops
  • Everyone participates and is heard
  • On-site implementation
  • Handover of the workshop results
Often a problem with creative and critical thinking: it is easy to lose focus, get into pointless unstructured discussions, projects come to a standstill and teams lose momentum, on top of which the budget is also blown up. As a result, many products and services are released late and with compromises. Here our 2-hour workshop offers the solution.

Your benefits:
  • Fast and effective
  • Structured and democratic
  • Everyone participates and is heard
  • concrete solution proposals visible

Brand Identity Workshop - 8 hours

"I want to make my brand a lasting success"

Our Brand Identity Workshop is aimed at start-ups and established companies, developing a brand from scratch and bringing existing brands up to date.

  • healthy brainfood
  • Preparation & follow-up of the workshops
  • On-site implementation
  • Handover of the workshop results

With the brand identity workshop we define your brand core!

It is the prerequisite to get sharpness and clarity in your brand profile. "Who are we? What do we stand for? How do we communicate? What values do we represent? Which challenges do we have to face?" Based on the specific requirements of your company, we will jointly define your brand and communication-specific goals.

  • Identity of the brand core
  • Target group
  • Market & Trends
  • USP
  • Brand experience

Product workshop - 1 to 3 days

"I want to develop or improve my product user-oriented"

Our product workshop serves as a basis for all companies & start-ups that do not yet have a uniform picture or exact idea of their existing or yet to be developed product.

  • healthy brainfood
  • Preparation & follow-up of the workshops
  • On-site implementation
  • Handover of the workshop results
The product workshop, is designed to develop a new product from a vision or to help an existing digital product in all stages of development to gain a market advantage, we define the target group through persona development, create customer journeys, analyze the brand environment and plan the next steps together.

  • Market environment
  • Introduction to the Product Field
  • Persona Development
  • Target group definition
  • customer journey
  • Prototype development

Tech Workshop - 8 hours

"I want to get to know new technologies, understand them and use them properly"

Applying and understanding AR, VR and AI correctly: This workshop is aimed at companies and agencies who want to understand, inherit and test the latest technologies, and is also ideal for team building.

  • healthy brainfood
  • Preparation & follow-up of the workshops
  • On-site implementation
  • Handover of the workshop results
In our Tech Demo Session we will show you and your team the endless possibilities and applications in AR, AI and VR. With the current flood of digital possibilities to display information and process data, it is difficult to find and identify the right technology for your own company or customers. This is exactly what we see as our task to be the translator between technology and customer. We have prepared Experiences for you and will guide you through the stations in individual sessions, equipped with the latest hardware.

Your benefits:
  • understanding of the latest technology real
  • Develop application areas
  • create meaningful added value
  • Hardware & Software is Included
  • In your office or in ours
  • Supervised Sessions


You want to know more about our workshops?
We will be happy to help you find the right solution for you and your project.

Philipp Schäfer DIVE INN Team